Darrelle London talks her latest album “Tangerine & Blue”

Photo credit: Grace Stanisci
Canadian Singer-Songwriter Darrelle London (April 2015) Photo credit: The Gracie Note

Canadian singer-songwriter Darrelle London released her album Tangerine & Blue on March 10 and told The Gracie Note that the record “is named after the title track because it encompasses what the whole album is about for [her,] which is connecting with [her] amazing community of supporters.”

“I sat down to write a regular love song on Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago and what came out was this love song to all of these amazing people who continue to encourage me along the way,” she explained. “That song was ‘Tangerine & Blue.’”

Another tune that stands out on the musician’s latest effort is the song “Viral,” which calls out keyboard playing cats, Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and a slew of other trending topics.

“I had mentioned the idea of writing a song about ‘going viral’ to a few people [and] no one really got what I was trying to say, including my husband,” London said with a laugh. “He didn’t really get that I was trying to write a song that’s at the same time critical but also light-hearted. [It’s also] from a position of not being too self-righteous because you’re in it and you’re feeling those pressures, too.”

She also said, “I like artists that can find that balance. I think that Lilly Allen is really good at that. She can be critical, however, to me she never comes off as self-righteous because she is always in it and very human in that way.”

Tangerine & Blue is London’s third studio album behind her records Edible Word Parade and Eat a Peach.

This week, she will be performing at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Arts on April 16. Head here for more information on how you can catch her live and follow the links below to join her on her journey.


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