Joe Jonas mentors student and helps her raise $10,000 with food truck

Article: “Interview: Joe Jonas helps student raise $10,000 for her school” by Grace Stanisci
Artist: Joe Jonas
Outlet: Yahoo! Canada Music – Up Beat
Date: Wed, 18 Jul, 2012

Speaking with Joe Jonas and hearing that he enjoys having his level of fame to speak about important causes was a wonderful thing to hear.

Here is a taste from my interview with the musician about how he uses his celebrity:

Jonas says he is grateful for his opportunity to act as a mentor for programs like Acuvue’s 1-Day Contest and also participates in charitable efforts like the Special Olympics through his charity with his brothers called Change For Children.

“I have a platform where I’m able to talk about things that I’m passionate about,” the 22-year-old said. “Even if you say that you don’t want to be an influence, it’s kind of how it is when you’re put in this position. I’m very pleased that I’m able to speak about things openly like the Special Olympics and those who are affected by intellectual disabilities to raise money and awareness for their causes.”

Read about how he did cooking on the food truck helping a student raise $10,000 for her school by clicking the link at the top of the page.

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