O-Town is “Chasin’ After You” in new music video

O-Town’s latest music video “Chasin’ After You” features familiar elements of this group’s boy band days, however, their new sound is richer than ever and there’s a certain spark that you have to see to believe.

This week on The Gracie Note, Gracie goes back in time and shares her favourite memories of being an O-Town fan and has a moment of show-and-tell with a special piece of tour memorabilia.

Here are this week’s G-Notes:
-Janet Jackson’s “No Sleeep” music video and article link.

– George Ezra and James Bay will perform at the Sherbourne Common in Toronto, ON., on August 1. Follow James Bay on Instagram here.

Columbus Ohio, thanks for tonight and being such an awesome choir! (Your backing vocals were #perf ) ??x

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– Listen to James Bay’s “Chaos and the Calm” on Spotify.

– Kelly Clarkson’s cover of N’SYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” in Buffalo, NY.

“O-Town is ‘Chasin’ After You’ in new music video” links:
– O-Town’s first music video “Liquid Dreams.”

– Lou Pearlman’s prison interview.
– O-Town’s first music video from their “Lines & Circles” album cycle,”Skydive.”

– Listen to O-Town’s record “Lines & Circles” on Spotify.

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