Finger Eleven shares music festival fight story

FINGER ELEVEN - Dustin Rabin Photography
Dustin Rabin Photography

Finger Eleven recently ended their 2015 “Fall Of The Hammer” tour and guitarist Rick Jackett says that performing for their Canadian fans is an experience like none other.

“We’re very proud of [being Canadian,]” Jackett told The Gracie Note. “When we come home, we get treated incredible because the history for the band is so much richer here than anywhere else in the world.”

He also said, “The best thing is when you’re on the road and [you run] into another band that’s Canadian. A little club starts.”

It sounds like being from the Great White North (the band originated in Burlington, Ont., in 1990) has also helped the group stay safe while touring.

Jackett remembers bands Disturbed and Finch fighting on stage during the Rolling Rock Town Fair in Latrobe, PA,  in 2004 and how the Canadian bands at the music festival stayed out of the mischief and bad blood between the two groups by simply not getting involved.

“[They] had had some words in press and we were [working with] a rotating stage and this band Finch is setting up to play next and just as it starts turning the guys from Disturbed rushed them,” the guitarist recalled. “As it turns to the crowd, they’re literally punching each other.”

He continued, “As [Finch] were doing their set, us and Three Days Grace are just standing on the hill and [one of Disturbed’s members] comes over, because we we’re friends, we knew them, and says something, wording it some wicked metal way like, ‘Are you guys metal or are you pussies?’ We were like, ‘Dude, we’re Canadian. We’re going to stand right here and watch you guys fight over there.'”

Read about how the beef between Disturbed and Finch began here.

Finger Eleven will be back out on the road in 2016 and Jackett says that it’s likely that it will be a North American tour.

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