The Karpinka Brothers reveal how they feel performing their empowering song “Tetherball”

Saskatoon’s Aaron and Shawn Karpinka appeared on The Gracie Note for a special performance of their song “One of These Days” and later discussed what went into the making of their brand new album You Can Count On Me. 

Featured on their new record is a favourite track from the Karpinka Brothers’ repertoire, “Tetherball,” and during this week’s episode, the duo revealed how it feels to perform this energizing and confidence boosting tune while on tour.

“We’ve had that song for a while,” Shawn Karpinka said. “It was on our first album, but we’ve played it every time we’ve played. I think that there’s something empowering in singing it because I don’t think that it’s mean, necessarily, I think that it’s just being self-assured.”

He also said, “Anytime we’ve ever set out to write something mean, it usually flips and turns into the nicest song we could ever play.”

“…with a gentle life lesson,” Aaron added.

On October 28, the Karpinka Brothers will begin their series of tour stops in New York starting in Brooklyn at The Way Station. Head here for more information.
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