Marianas Trench debuts “One Love” music video + behind the scenes footage

Marianas Trench dropped their brand new album “Astoria” on October 23 and to help celebrate the release of their highly-anticipated fourth studio album, the band decided to get wet for the music video “One Love.”

“One Love” is the first single from “Astoria” and it’s music video features band members Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Ian Casselman and Mike Ayley inside a house that has a problem with water and is slowly flooding.

We’ve seen the “room filling with water” concept in previous music videos like Our Lady Peace’s 1997 clip “Clumsy.”

When you think about the scenario Marianas Trench presents in the video for “One Love” against the lyrics (and what we know about songwriter/lead singer Ramsay’s creative path for “Astoria,”) it seems like this could be just the first part in a sequence of music videos to come off the record in similar fashion to “Ever After’s” fairytale.

“I just had the most extreme whirlwind of ups and downs over the last two years of my life that I’ve ever experienced,” Ramsay explained in “The Making of ‘Astoria.'” “It began with me seeing ‘Call Me Maybe’ become huge and the Grammys and Marianas Trench becoming an arena band and getting engaged to the love of my life and I thought that everything was going great.”

He continued, “Then, things took a turn when my mother became really sick, which is really difficult for everybody involved, the wedding got cancelled, and I couldn’t write. I spent six months in total dark and then I ended up in the hospital in January for pancreatitis because I had gallstones … I finally started to write again in the hospital and I finally found my creativity again.”

The lyrics for “One Love” seem to be filled with lots of despair over the loss of a loved one and questions about the uncertainty of finding love in the future.

Marianas Trench – “One Love” lyrics excerpt:
Lost and gone so fast
You get me every time
But I live with that
I might do this to myself
Only made it worse but I just can’t help
You know I get so attached
Listen everyday ’til the dark is back
Now I pine for phantom pain
It’s the only time that I see your face
So just hold quick you’re fading right
In a cold trick of the light
I’m just so sick, I thought you might be here
But you disappear

Now I wake up and I forget that you were gone
A phantom limb is all that I am hanging on
So don’t stop, no stopping yet
What if the one true love’s the only one that you get?
And you’ve been wishing but you don’t know how to stay
And I’ve been broken but I’m better every day
So don’t stop, no stoppin’ it yet
What if the one true love’s the only one that you get?

Paired with the music video, both the song and clip can emphasize feelings like drowning in grief while waiting for time to heal, being overwhelmed and suffocated by painful memories swimming around you and trying to move on when you feel like it’s constantly raining down on only you.


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