Caitlyn Jenner’s #CallmeCaitlyn Playlist

Caitlyn Jenner has arrived and she seems happier than we could have ever imagined.

– Vanity Fair released their 22-page July cover story featuring the newly revealed Caitlyn Jenner on June 1.

– The trailer for Jenner’s new reality series “I Am Cait” was also delivered this past week to fans who can’t wait to see what the beauty has in store for her E! reality series. Watch the trailer for “I Am Cait” here:

When you start a new journey, the beginning is always the hardest because you have to take that first step. Music can help motivate and inspire you to open your mind and try new things. It can make you feel free when you discover artists that you haven’t heard of.

Jenner is above all else, brave. The joy she is expressing while she lives her new life is something that I hope each of us gets to feel at some point in all of our lives.

This week’s playlist highlights themes like courage, being yourself and letting your past go.

It’s dedicated to everyone struggling, breaking through their boundaries and keeping their head up. Music will always be there for you.  #begracieful

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